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Elli Sharef is the Co-Founder at HireArt, a software-automated employment agency.


Great leaders can get the team pumped. My Co-Founder, Nick, does this exceptionally well. He is so excited himself that the rest of us can’t help but be excited too. He shows passion with everything he does and the rest of us emulate that passion. One example that amazes me: Even when he’s answering a customer service call he just seems to excited to help the person on the other side. I find myself trying to mimic his language. What’s also important is staying up-beat even when things don’t go as planned. Nick is able to brush off disappointments and talk about the bright side. The key is that this has to be genuine. You can’t fake it.


We have figured out how much our product is really worth and adjusted the prices accordingly (hint: it’s worth more than we thought it was). We did this by talking to our clients and understanding how they used our product and how much time/money it was saving them.


We started using the “Appropriate Person(s) Approach” in B2B email marketing. Instead of just asking someone to meet with you, say something like “If you’re not the right person, could you introduce me to the person in your company who handles XYZ.”


We ...

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