Varun Chirravuri – Canary Calendar



Varun Chirravuri is the CEO of Canary Calendar, a calendar app for the iPhone that helps Google Calendar users efficiently schedule meetings.


Leading is about knowing when to be hands on, and knowing when to be hands off. A good leader can set a vision and step back, trusting his people to interpret and execute on it. In building Canary, I have focused on simplifying and doubling down on our internal messaging around our vision and making sure that drives every one of our decisions, whether I’m involved or not.


We live on our calendars. In an “eat your own dogfood” kind of way, we make sure that we schedule meetings to discuss issues, whenever possible, and then try to keep meetings as short as possible. This prevents “hanging-chad” type conversations, the kind of decisions that happen in off the cuff chats that don’t get recorded, remembered, shared, or acted upon. Building a results oriented culture has allowed us to ship so much in such little time.


Most of our growth has come entirely organically. Word of mouth, and associated buzz generated with that, has been a powerful driver of traffic. As a note, mobile productivity apps tend to have a harder time overcoming challenges in distribution. We believe that building a great product and continuing to ship features that wow ...

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