Matt Loszak – JamCam



Matt Loszak is the founder of JamCam, an app that lets you record video and your phone’s music at the same time.


In my eyes, one quality of a good leader is to thoroughly understand the skill-set of everyone on the team, and moreover to value the work of everyone equally (including their own).


In the app world, it’s very important to ensure that the core function of your product can be defined in one sentence. If it takes more than that, it’s likely that you’re offering too many features, or your product definition is too vague.


Initially, I thought Google AdWords and other paid marketing tactics would be the most effective. As it turns out, generating organic buzz online by seeking press or running your idea by sites like Reddit have worked wonders for JamCam.


As of now, I am the sole member of the JamCam team. I designed, coded and marketed the app on my own. Going forward I will likely need to expand as the buzz grows. So far, I’ve found that as long as your passion shows through your work, the right people will find you.


As a sole founder and entrepreneur, productivity really comes down to your own focus and determination. I think the most dangerous thing for someone in my shoes is to ...

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