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Ijad Madisch is the CEO and co-founder of ResearchGate, a professional network for scientists, helping them to collaborate, share results and make a name for themselves.


Being a good leader also means to let others lead. It’s not easy to hand over responsibility, but it’s crucial for the growth of a company. Apart from that you need to know the inner workings of your team. I recently had a small project where I did a bit of programming myself (I studied Computer Science at university, but never dared to touch our platform). I worked together with our engineers, our designers and product managers. At the end I knew far more about the intricate dynamics of our company than I ever could have learnt by just overseeing the team. This definitely was an experience that made me a better leader.


The one tweak that we made in our operations recently that has a great positive impact was to give every team member more responsibility.


The best marketing you can do is to focus on building a great product. There’s no need to spend any money on marketing as long as we do that.


Company culture is immensely important. It’s one thing that differentiates ResearchGate from many other German companies. We work on something that matters. People make an immediate impact. That ...

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