It’s Time to Kill the Google Doodle



Dear Google,

I’m sorry to say this, but I hate your doodles. It was okay back in the day when they were few and far-between. It used to be that a change in your logo was exciting. It made me want to investigate and see what it was all about. Now, it’s played out. The novelty has worn off. It seems like I never even see the Google logo on the Google search page anymore. More often than not it’s… else.

Prediction: Google will kill the Doodle program. Maybe not soon, but someday. Here’s why.

3 Reasons to Kill the Doodles:

  1. They’re tacky. For all of the design changes Google has been implementing lately such as a sleeker navigation bar or a redesigned Gmail inbox, Google has been taking multiple steps backwards with every Doodle. They are “artsy” but they aren’t “designy.” They really don’t match the rest of the Google brand. They’re anything but minimal. They’re unnecessary and that’s a design no-no.
  2. They’re not for searchers. I assume Google keeps the doodles around in hopes of getting more clicks on their ads by curious people who get sucked into wondering what each doodle stands for. In a way, that is good for Google because it would presumably make them more money. On the other hand, it puts Google first, rather than it’s customers: people

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