iPad Air Smart Case Review


The bottom line: The iPad Air Smart Case excels as a stylish, lightweight and high-quality protective enclosure. It fails a little bit at being a stand.

Since I ordered my iPad Air and the corresponding smart case ($79) from Apple the day they were first available, I’d imagine I am one of the first to post a review. Normally, a case isn’t something I would feel needed to be reviewed because it does something so simple: protect your purchase. Typically, when shopping for a case, I’m usually only looking at how stylish and durable it might be. If it has some extra functionality baked in that makes it unique, that is worth considering as well.

I opted for the Project Red iPad Air Smart Case pictured above less for the AIDS assistance (sadly) and more for the color (though I’m happy some of the proceeds will go on to help people in need). I tend to like bright colors and this is definitely a bright case. For my last iPad I had purchased Apple’s Smart Cover. I’ll never do that again. The back of the iPad is the easiest to scratch and get messed up. Eventually I ended up buying a whole new case that covered both sides. So, with this new purchase I didn’t want to take any chances and went for the Smart ...

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