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Rick Marini is Founder/CEO of BranchOut and Talk.co, an enterprise chat service for teams to communicate in real-time on mobile and desktop.


Tenacity – start-up entrepreneurs need to be many things including tenacious. They need to have a vision and tenaciously pursue that idea with every resource available to them to win. Sometimes, the market shifts and you need to be flexible and resilient in quickly adapting to change.


Build for the end-user. An entrepreneur needs to have an idea that addresses a market need. Build a product to address that but then dig in with your customers. Their feedback should shape your list of features and priorities. At the end of the day, it’s all about serving the customer.


Network effect. In network effect businesses, the larger the network, the more powerful the service. It’s crucial for the user to understand that they gain far more value in using the service if they invite their connections. if there is compelling value to them, they will quickly grow the user base for you… but you need to have a value-driving product in place with the right marketing message.


I look for 4 personality characteristics when I hire: intelligence, integrity, fun and entrepreneurism. I like to hang out with smart, fun, solid people who roll up their sleeves. Those are the ...

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