Adam Marchick – Kahuna



Adam Marchick is the co-founder and CEO of Kahuna, marketing automation for mobile.


One thing I am constantly focusing on is listening. A great leader is the best listener – he/she listens to customers, co-workers, investors and advisors.

As Joel Peterson (Chairman of Jet Blue) advised, ‘great leaders digest feedback.’


We make tweaks weekly, if not daily. It is all about listening to your market and customers.

Our company empowers mobile marketers to be great, and constantly evolve to further that goal.


It is not marketing, but has marketing benefits… We stand behind our promises. An example of this is we tell a customer how long it will take to install Kahuna. If it takes longer, we take their whole Engineering team out for drinks. That does not scale to 1,000 customers unless you believe in the promises you make.


In Silicon Valley, A+ engineering talent is critical. The best way we have attracted talent is my co-founder: Jacob Taylor. Engineers want to work for 10x developers, and Jacob is 100x+. He is a great technical mentor, and has been responsible for software that has served more than 10,000 customers (SugarCRM, e.phiphany).


Ha, you are asking for some of our secret sauce…

We believe in transparency, every Friday the business team presents a full pipeline review to our ...

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