Sanjay Beri – Netskope



Sanjay Beri is the CEO of Netskope, a cloud app analytics and policy platform that eliminates the catch-22 between being agile and being secure.


The single most important quality is the humility to bring in amazing talent, and then turn people loose to do their thing. You have to be confident enough to hire people who will have strong points of view and challenge you. That has been the single biggest thing that took Netskope from a standing start to GA and launch in less than a year. You make the company successful by bringing in a team that has the chops but is willing to roll up their sleeves, and realize that as CEO, your job is not to issue directives, but rather knock down walls to make the team successful.


As we have gotten closer to product GA, we turned our attention to hiring the best field team, with a particular focus on sales engineers. Our goal is to have the best SEs in the business and make them our secret weapon. In early or uncertain markets, customers need to know we have their back. Having SEs who work closely with our customers, earn their trust, and truly represent their interests (not just those of Netskope) has and will continue to have a huge impact on our business.


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