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David Steinberg is the founder of XL Marketing and Wirefly, using big data we help large companies acquire and keep customers longer.


The ability to see how markets are reacting to your current business and the ability to pivot to where things are going vs where they currently are, is critical to creating enterprise value.

XL was an education marketing company in 2010. We saw the market was changing and recognized that our assets and capabilities could be leveraged in a new way. We pivoted to a focus on Big Data – using data and email services to help brands in other verticals, with similar dynamics to the Education category (high lifetime value, complex sales cycle), create customers and retain them for a longer period of time. The acquisition of Zeta Interactive was key to making this pivot a reality. Overnight, we became one of the top 10 ESP’s in the US with a blue chip client roster. Combining this enterprise-grade, Forrester-rated ESP with our 150 million record consumer database enabled us to become a major player in the emerging – and highly valuable – Big Data space.


We really focus on listening to our clients and testing many methodologies for our customers. Most of our customers start with very small contracts and grow rapidly.


People need to see leadership and the ...

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