Todd Goldberg – EXMO



Todd Goldberg is Co-founder and CEO of EXMO, a self-service platform for event organizers to create an interactive mobile event app for their attendees.


There are many different kinds of events out there that vary drastically in their format and size. Rather than trying to attack the market as a whole, we created our go-to-market strategy around small to medium size events in certain verticals. It’s helped us focus and accelerate our learnings when talking to similar customers.


Our product benefits a lot from word of mouth given the nature of events. We take customer service to an almost unrealistic level to wow our customers. This results in raving fans who become your evangelists. The best kind of marketing is the one where it doesn’t cost you anything and comes from people who already love using your product.


It’s all about selling the vision. Sell how you want to change the world and what it will look like after you’re done. Ideally, it’s best to find people who resonate with the problem you’re solving because they end up being the most passionate.


We won Startup Weekend Tampa in November 2012 and that helped give us some momentum to land our first events during our private beta in March 2013. In the beginning it’s all about using everything at your disposal ...

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