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Yunha Kim is CEO and Co-founder of Locket, a category-creating mobile advertising company.


Patience is important for leaders at a big company because you have to launch a perfect product. One minor mistake can kill the brand that your company built for years. At a startup, patience, I believe, can be the poison that kills the company. Perfect product means a suite of products you could have launched to find out which feature works the best. Startup leaders with impatience get more things done and learn more in a short period of time.


Marketing – TechCrunch article. Sales – Evangelize the thought leaders in the company. Evangelize and sell them on your vision and your story, not your current product or user base.


Do not try to get a team member by giving the best offer. You don’t want to attract the kind of talent that are driven by compensation package. Bring in the members that would sign up for your vision despite the cut in salary, working environment, and other factors.


Get an apartment where you live and work. We have done it for only 6 months, so you can ask me again after a few months to see if I have a different opinion then, but so far, it has been the single best decision ever.


Don’t ...

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