Daumantas Dvilinskas – TransferGo


Daumantas Dvilinskas is Co-Founder and CEO of TransferGo, next day low-cost international remittance.


The ability to attract and manage talented people. I’ve been successful in articulating and proactively endorsing product vision and purpose of existence beyond just money transfers. We are disrupting banking and talented people are willing to join this great cause.


We’ve made our strategy localised: localised marketing, local customer support, etc. This has decreased our cost of user acquisition down substantially, improved the product and made to accessible to larger segments of our market. By doing so we’ve also came to understand our target emigrant segments better.


Word of mouth marketing works the best. We’ve got a user friendly product with great pricing and speedy delivery of money. That’s why our customers endorse it to their friends and family. In order to strengthen the impact we’ve rolled out a highly successful referral program, where people get rewards for endorsing TransferGo. It works great.


It’s all about finding the right match to the existing corporate culture. Most of our people are hustlers by nature regardless of the area in which they operate. Also they are talented and dedicated to execute the grand vision of disrupting banking. On top of that we are talking to slow when hiring people on-board. The cost of bad hire in a startup is ...

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