Aereo Review: 1 Month In and Loving It



I wanted Aereo the second I laid eyes on it. It recently launched in my area and I immediately activated my service (a few days earlier than others as I had been on the waiting list). For the uninitiated, Aereo is a service that pipes over-the-air TV to up to 5 of your devices. You rent a micro-antenna from the company and they give you access to the signal over the Internet. It’s great.

Aereo takes the pain out of watching over-the-air TV. There’s no such thing as bad reception. I don’t have to mess with moving a crappy antenna around to get a certain channel in. There’s an incredibly well done TV guide online that tells me what’s on right now and intuitive DVR controls. The search function works great. You can link your Aereo account to Roku. You can connect with Facebook to recommend shows to friends. Video quality can be set to low, medium, high or auto.

Over the years I have been a cable subscriber, a satellite subscriber (don’t do it) and a Netflix subscriber (I never could bring myself to get Hulu Plus… it never felt very compelling). What I have found is that my favorite shows are consistently produced by and aired on NBC, ABC, CBS and, occasionally, FOX. It’s been about a year since I cut the cord, ...

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