Prompts vs iA Writer: A Dual iPad Writing App Review



I’ve been writing a lot lately and I’ve been doing most of it on my iPad. I love writing on the iPad. I’ve got an Origami case/stand with a full-sized Bluetooth Apple keyboard (of course I don’t write long-form content using the on-screen keyboard!). I’ve been testing out two writing apps recently: iA Writer and Prompts. Both offer distraction-reduced writing experiences and both offerings are quite honestly very compelling.

While both apps offer clean and minimal writing interfaces, the similarities end just about there. iA Writer’s biggest standout feature, in my mind, is it’s focus mode which grays-out all but 3 lines of text when activated to help you concentrate on simply getting the words out of your head. The focus mode keeps you from doing any heavy-duty editing and, true to it’s title, does tend to help me focus.

The keystone feature in Prompts, as the name suggests, is that it offers prods at the push of a button to help you get around that old arch-nemesis known as writer’s block. Sample prompts include include: “Add more personality,” “Explain it to a child,” “Emphasize a character trait,” and questions such as, “Why does it matter?” As a blogger, not all prompts apply to me, but it’s easy enough to breeze past the ones that don’t.

From my perspective, neither workspace is completely perfect, ...

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