Yichi Zhang – 1Checker



Yichi Zhang is the Co-Founder of 1Checker, an automatic English proofreading tool designed specifically for non-native speakers.


I believe at different stages of your career, you should exhibit different leadership qualities that make you more effective. As an entrepreneur, the ability to make decisions despite of ambiguity and the ability to adapt your decision is very important. We recently released our Mac version as a beta on our website while we are waiting for the launch on the App Store. (For now the user cannot use default setting to install our checker on Mac. The Gatekeeper would stop the program from running since we are “an unidentified developer”. Some of the team members thought we should wait for a little bit longer, because the first impression is very important.) I made the decision to launch the Mac version early so we could get more feedback and run product iterations faster.


Initially, we planned to run a Freemium (Free + Premium) business model for 1Checker, just like most of the grammar checkers available on the market. But in the end, we decided to offer basic proofreading service for free to end users and generate revenue from products targeting business partners in the education market (e.g. 1Course/1Test). The machine learning engine behind 1Checker has a network effect: its performance gets better with more users. ...

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