Netflukes: The Case for Canceling Netflix


I realized that I’ve actually come to see good content on Netflix as unusual. Garbage is the norm. I’ve actually coined a word for decent content I find on the service—Netflukes—the hidden gems that are worth watching. I’ve also found myself repeating a phrase after many Netflix sessions: “Noooow I see why it’s on Netflix.”

I like the old Netflix—a service that allowed me to watch as much of the best current video content I felt like consuming. That was in the DVD and Blu-ray Disc era. Now, in the streaming agony that has become Netflix I can’t find anything decent to watch. When Netflix broke their model into two separate products—streaming and snail mail—they literally broke their model. Nobody noticed because the good content was phased out. For awhile, subscribers got access to streaming content as a bonus. The streaming selection wasn’t good enough to constitute a stand-alone offering. It still isn’t.

I no longer watch Netflix, I search it. There are times I feel like watching something and can’t find a single thing to watch. Then I realize I could have watched an entire TV episode in the time it took to look for something decent to watch on Netflix. When I subscribed to Netflix I expected it to waste my time by entertaining me—I didn’t realize I’d be wasting my time scrolling ...

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