Teach Kids to Program Through Play



The apps I read about kids making these days are startlingly cool. They are way past anything I could personally build. If you want to give your kid a headstart in today’s world, you should help them learn how to program. Thanks to Primo.io, your child doesn’t have to wait to being understanding logic and how programming fundamentally works—that is, if telling a robot how to get around sounds fun (hint: it does).

Primo.io describes itself like this: “Primo is a physical programming interface designed to teach children age 4 to 7 basic programming logic without the need for literacy.”

Filippo Yacob, Primo.io’s founder and Managing Director, says that kids are surprised by the play experience. “There are no screens or visible technology parts, so children essentially play with wooden blocks that come to life magically. The best part of the product and play experience is how rewarding it is for children when they complete a challenge.”

While Primio.io’s target audience is young children (and their parents), Filippo describes how adults and older kids can get in on the action as well, “For adults who want to tinker with the product and hack it, there is a huge amount of cool things that can be done with the robot by itself. Older children will be able to program the little robot using computers like ...

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