This Amazing Gadget Turns Motion Into Music



I wish I could see the look on the faces of musicians from 1,000 years ago if they could be brought to modern times to witness the AUUG. Instruments haven’t changed all that much over the centuries, but the AUUG Motion Synth transforms your iPhone or iPod touch into a fully-fledged musical instrument that plays notes and alters their sound through motion. In other words, motion becomes music.

“Using natural human movements to control sound via the Motion Synth is both intuitive and engaging. The Motion Synth’s movement-to-sound relationships can be configured to suit the experience level of the user, giving beginners an accessible nothing-sounds-bad musical experience, while also allowing professional musicians to create highly complex and expressive sounds,” says Joshua Young, founder of AUUG.

As you can imagine, building something this complex and making it work well was no small task: “Early experiments with the AUUG Motion Synth included using an app only, but this forced the player to continuously pay attention to adjusting their grip while changing orientations, and also reduced the dexterity with which they could trigger notes. This led to early prototypes of the AUUG grip that grasped the mobile device at its edges while ergonomically securing it to the hand,” Joshua says. “After many prototypes, we also realized that the lack of tactile feedback from the touch screen was ...

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