Stop Missing Life’s Most Important Photos



The best photos aren’t always the prettiest, but it’s the prettiest that get shared on Facebook and Instagram. There are many ways to share photos with friends and family but none stand out in my mind in terms of uniqueness and usefulness as Cluster. Cluster allows people to build private, collaborative photo albums with friends. Though originally built for events, the public has quickly adopted the app for ongoing life experiences.

In case you are missing out on the subtle, yet powerful, awesomeness that Cluster can bring to your life, Brenden explains when the light goes on for most people: “A lot of people don’t immediately understand the value or magic of a shared photo album. We’ve gotten so used to only seeing a tiny subset of the photos that are taken around things we experience. For most of our users, the magic moment is the first time a friend or relative uploads a batch of photos that the user wouldn’t have ever seen. They suddenly realize how many other photos they’ve been missing and immediately start inviting their friends to send photos as well. It’s pretty special to watch.”

“One of the earliest, most powerful Cluster experiences was when a new mom told us that her sister created an album minutes after her baby girl was born. The family was in the waiting ...

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