Self-Storage Used to Suck



We all have junk memories that we’ve got to store somewhere. If you have run out of room in your basement, closets, garage and shed (assuming you have one) and you have already exhausted the storage areas of any friends and family willing to give your stuff asylum, you really only have one option left: put your stuff in storage. While that can be a bit of a pain, there is one company making it a lot easier: WeStore. WeStore offers effortless self-storage, by the box, that comes to your door (UK only, for now).

Henry Villiers, a co-founder, tells me people are pretty excited. “Every day, our customers are finding new ways to use our service, which continues to surprise and energize us. Whether it’s to facilitate a move, a second gap year, to store away love letters, or help a business grow. We are helping people make room for their lives, which excites them, excites us, and makes our mission all the more worthwhile.”

WeStore was born out of the belief that self-storage should be simple. Henry and James were working on a self-storage venture at the time. When they put the magnifying glass over the self-storage experience, they realized how costly, negative and time consuming the entire process was and began researching alternative logistical processes that could remove the leg work ...

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