The Top 50 Mac Apps (What’s New To You?)

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If you own a Mac, you love it. That’s just how it works. While it’s awesome right out of the box, you can add a lot to your Mac experience with some fun, creative, productivity-enhancing and unique apps like those I’ve listed here. If you’re like me, you get a lot of apps for your iPhone or iPad, but not so many for your Mac. I don’t know why it is… probably because my phone is just with me more (though most of my work still gets done on the Mac). So if you haven’t checked out the Mac app store since the last OS update was released, do yourself and favor and see what you find here. There’s plenty to like.

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  1. Scribe – Copy anything from your Mac to your iPhone (without Wi-Fi).
  2. Slack – Make your working life simpler, more pleasant and productive.
  3. instaLive Wallpaper – Realtime Instagram feeds as your wallaper.
  4. Compartments – Organize your stuff and do a home inventory.
  5. Lost Photos – Rediscover all the photos you’ve ever sent or received via email.
  6. ReadKit – A full-featured read later client.
  7. Airmail – The powerful mail client with a

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