The Best Way To Get The Latest Tech Gear Is To Sell Your Old Gear First



Possibly the worst thing about owning the latest electronics—like cell phones, TVs, tablets, wearable tech and laptops, for instance—is that these items have a shelf life. Coincidentally, that’s also one of their best features. Selling your old gear can be the springboard into buying your new gear. It’s kind of a virtuous cycle, as much of a pain in the butt as it is to have to buy and setup a new device, because there’s no way average middle-class people like you and I could afford to keep buying all the new tech toys and tools we want.

This is especially true when it comes to cell phones. Wanna buy a phone? Sell your phone. Of all the items I listed above, our phones are probably what we end up wanting to replace most often. I mean nobody wants to be that guy still using an old iPhone 3G, right? The iPhone 4 was the first iPhone I ever owned. I also owned the 4S and now the 5C. I plan on getting the 6 as soon as it’s available (maybe around September). As it turns out, I still have one of my older iPhones laying around the house. But not for long. I recently discovered just how much an old smartphone can be worth.

There’s a reason why carriers like Verizon and ATT ...

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