Gogobot: The Best Travel App For Finding Things To Do

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As it stands there are already many excellent travel apps and services to help a person get from Point A to Point B. Kayak and Hipmunk are great for travel arrangements, FlySmart is nice for gate notifications and flight status updates, Uber can bring me a tight ride to roll around town in, Airbnb is great for finding a place to stay, TripIt or Tripcase can keep my itinerary organized but my new goto app for places to go is definitely—definitelyGogobot. This is an app that I don’t just like—I love it.

Wherever I go, whatever my destination, there are nearly endless options as to what I can see, do, eat or where I can stay. Even in the age of Google and TripAdvisor I need a better gauge of what I will personally find interesting, good or worth my time and money. It can be overwhelming looking through search results for “things to do” in a destination like San Francisco or New York. Plus, who has time to sift through all that info?

Gogobot has become my new default travel activity filter because it’s super convenient, well designed and makes it easier to separate all possible choices (such as sights to see or restaurants to eat at) from the ones I would actually be inclined to like.

Gogobot's default screen. The background image changes based on location.
Gogobot’s default screen.

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