AluCup: a cool desktop iPhone stand


There’s an easier (not to mention cheaper) way to get notifications from your phone that using a smartwatch: set it up in front of you on your desk.

Because—as of yet—I don’t wear a smartwatch or a pair of Google Glass I frequently keep my phone on my desk while I’m working. If it’s in my pocket it’s basically useless. But, when laying flat on the desk I can’t really see it. So lately I had taken to propping my phone up against the bottom of a 27″ Mac Thunderbolt Display. True, I could see my screen, albeit at an awkward angle, and as I typed and bumped into the desk it often fell flat. In other words, it wasn’t the world’s best solution to my problem.

The AluCup is a simple and straightforward way to keep your phone’s notifications within eyesight while keeping your phone juiced-up and your desk less cluttered. 

I had always wondered why anyone would need an iPhone stand or holder—it wasn’t a category that made a lot of sense to me. Until now, for the reasons described above.

So I was excited to discover the AluCup ($29.95) by Just Mobile in the mail. The AluCup is a simple stand/holder for iPhones and the iPad Mini that has a few different viewing options: standing, reclining portrait and reclining landscape.

What ...

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