Vhoto: a must-have photo/video app for more spontaneous moments


I recently had one of those ever-rarer experiences of seeing an app in the app store and having to try it immediately. In this case it was an awesome new photo/video app called Vhoto. When I first realized there was an app that lets you “take pictures” from videos I thought to myself, “Wow, that’s brilliant.”

In a way, Vhoto acts similar to the burst mode found on many DSLR cameras. Burst mode is a way to capture many pictures in a short amount of time (like 5 pics per second), usually by holding down the shutter button. When you’re done you’ve got a range of photos that are all pretty similar from which you can pick the very best moment to save. Shooting in burst mode is perfect for high-speed action like sports games. In it’s own way, Vhoto turns your phone’s video camera mode into a type of burst mode because it allows you to extract that perfect shot from within a video, edit it and share it.

If you asked me why Vhoto was worth your time (in the midst of a crowded app store category), it’d be a toss-up between capturing more authentic and spontaneous moments and taking more video.

Vhoto captures more authentic and spontaneous moments.

The spontaneity happens because people don’t have to pose for a photo when ...

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