Prismatic: a nice Flipboard alternative for following your interests

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I’m a newsaholic. I love consuming the latest news and updates from sources and topics that interest me. This can and does include items from social media, my favorite blogs and mainstream news sources, audio and video content and more.

On the home screen of my iPhone I’ve got a folder called News that contains apps like Flipboard, the new Digg reader, Circa and Yahoo News Digest among a handful of others. But there’s one particular app in that folder I turn to when I want to see stuff I know I won’t get in any of those other apps. It’s called Prismatic.

Prismatic surfaces content I’m interested in but wouldn’t normally find in other news apps.

Prismatic bills itself as a home for your interests. Traditionally, newsreader apps like Flipboard  (which I love and use daily) have been great for following specific sources like TechCrunch, Pando Daily, The Verge or DailyTekk, for instance. Even Flipboard’s user-curated magazines come from a source: specific users. That’s all good and Flipboard’s design really can’t be beat in my opinion, but if Flipboard were my only source of news I’d be missing out on certain things.

Discovery is where Prismatic really shines. By taking a moment to add some general interests from categories like design, architecture, vegetarianism, minimalism, startups, etc. (those are just a few ...

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