Hiku: a product scanner and app combo for easy shopping lists


Shopping lists are one of those things you have to have but never want to maintain. They are a huge pain. Luckily there now exists the hiku ($79), a scanner and app combo that largely alleviates that pain. Plus it just looks cool. Goodbye paper shopping lists. And let’s face it… nobody wants to peck out a shopping list on their smartphone (that’s even slower than writing on paper).

The scanner is slick in every sense of the word. As you might have guessed it is used to scan the barcodes of products you have just run out of. When you finish a box of cereal, for instance, just give it a quick scan. Scanning is fast and convenient because the hiku is magnetic and can attach to your fridge.

If you’re tired of forgetting things at the store, making written shopping lists (not to mention forgetting them at home) or if you’re in need of a convenient way to share shopping lists with family members, hiku is a well-designed, well-executed solution that is sure to put a smile on your face.

But some items can’t be scanned. Let’s say you run out of paper towels… well, you aren’t going to have a barcode for that. This is no problem for hiku though since you can press a button on the device and speak an ...

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