Swivl review: turn your iPhone into a personal cameraman


fngw4NwTRuIVpS5xycyj0d6QioiWquXnpK1AyMqs1tkLet me introduce you to Swivl ($299): part robotic cameraman, part app and part cloud service. If you’re a person with knowledge to share, Swivl may just be your new best friend. Teachers or presenters of any type… prepare to have your mind completely blow.

Put simply, Swivl captures the audio, video and slides of a presenter. The setup works like this: first the user places an iPhone or iPad in the robotic base unit’s cradle (which conveniently comes with multiple, interchangeable cradle sizes for devices with different sizes or cases). Once paired with the Swivl Capture app, the user then holds or wears (via an included lanyard) a remote. The remote tells the base unit where to focus. Simply press the record button on the remote and start your presentation.

Admittedly set up wasn’t as quick and straightforward as it could have been. I easily paired the device with my iPhone via Bluetooth but couldn’t do the same with my iPad Air.

But once things were set up it was immensely satisfying to realize that I didn’t need anyone to film me—I could film myself.

The experience itself is smooth. Attention to detail has obviously been paid. The remote stows away inside the base unit where it also recharges when not in use. The base unit is rechargeable itself which means it doesn’t have ...

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