3 Evernote hacks that will improve your life


If there were a league of professional Evernote users, I’d be a star quarterback. I write about the brain-organizing service frequently. Most recently it was an article called 10 ways to make Evernote rock harder over at ReadWrite. I’ve said it many times before: I love Evernote and in many ways it keeps my life running. But lately I’ve found some profoundly interesting uses for the service that I think have the ability to make a big impact on other people’s lives.

1. Declutter your physical world

As I was cleaning out the basement and garage the other day I began to wonder why I was hanging on to so much stuff. I realized that a lot of my boxes were filled with sentimental stuff I had not been willing to get rid of over the last several years because there were too many good memories there. But then I realized: I can save the memory of some of this stuff digitally and go ahead and clear up some space.

In order to make this happen I would need to be sure the images taken would be stored as close to indefinitely as I could manage. Immediately Evernote popped into mind. As a pro user I have plenty of storage space and I don’t envision quitting the service ever (I guess that’s where the name ...

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