Logitech Ultrathin for iPad Air review


It’s an absolute delight to be typing this review with the product I’m reviewing: the Logitech Ultrathin for iPad Air ($99). Is delight too strong of a word? Not even close.

Let me start by saying that this Bluetooth keyboard is snappier and speedier than the actual Apple wireless keyboard when typing with my iPad. My Apple keyboards, when paired with an iPad at least, tend to be rather slow and sometimes stutter when a key hasn’t been pressed for a moment or two. This Logitech keyboard? Smooth and fast as can be. If that was the only great thing about it, I’d love it. But there’s plenty more to rave about.

Let’s get the obviously cool features out of the way first. I love the creative use of magnetic connecting to keep the cover on the iPad when not in use but also to keep the iPad standing while you type. When you want to connect the iPad to the case for storage in-between typing sessions, just slide the iPad (magnetic side first) toward the far end of the keyboard case. Magically (magnetically, actually) the magnetic strip pops up out of the case and attaches itself to the iPad—automatically. It’s very, very cool the first time you do it.

From the satisfying clicking sound to the incredibly convenient shortcut buttons across the top, it’s


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