iRobot Braava mopping and sweeping robot review


The Braava vacuum cleaner ($299) literally changed my life. Probably not in as spectacular a fashion as you might have guessed from the previous sentence, but change it did nonetheless.

You see there there now exists the pre-Braava and post-Braava phases of my life. In the pre-Braava phase I was a robotless tech blogger, and happily so. In the post-Braava phase I now have two robots (and soon to be three) that happily toil away under my roof. At this point it would be extraordinarily hard for me to go back to how things were before I first hit the sweep button on the Braava and heard it give it’s signature cheery series of chirps before setting about it’s duties.

Let me tell you a little bit about the Braava. It’s a mopping/sweeping robot from a company called iRobot. It’s meant to be a compliment to it’s more famous sibling, the Roomba vacuum.

Braava does it’s job surprisingly well. I say surprisingly because, again, it was my first robotic cleaner—not because I expected it to do a bad job.

The Braava works well. Once you tell it to get started it heads out, feeling it’s way about until it has gotten the bulk of the surface it can get to. It’s clearance is low enough that it glides right under kitchen cabinets and open fridge ...

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