FLOTE M2 floor and bed premium iPad/tablet stand review


The FLOTE M2 tablet stand ($299) is an insanely well made, highly-adaptable premium tablet stand that opens up a world of new possibilities and conveniences. It’s one of those rare items that makes you wonder how you ever got along without it.

Aside from it’s ability to hold your tablet (which is does very and with dramatic style), it’s the M2’s ability to help you get more out of your tablet that makes it stand out from the competition that much more.

Want to watch a Netflix movie in the bath without worrying your tablet might take a swim? No problem. Want to read on the couch or in your favorite chair—hands free? Get to it. Too tired to hold your device up in bed but want to read before you hit the sack? Now you can.

I tested the FLOTE M2 with an iPad Air, but it’s easy to see that it would work with basically any other tablet or ereader on the market. This is by far and without a doubt the coolest, most-useful iPad stand I’ve ever used, much less seen. Starting from top to bottom, I’ll rundown the features and let you know why they add up to make this rather expensive stand well worth the purchase price.

Everything about this stand is customizable, a fact that’s best illustrated by the ...

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