Neato BotVac review: the best vacuum I’ve ever owned


The Neato BotVac ($479-599) isn’t just an incredible robotic vacuum, it’s an incredible vacuum—period.

I have so many great things to say about this vacuum I hardly know where to start. That being the case I might as well start with the obvious: how well it cleans. If a vacuum can’t clean, it doesn’t matter much what other features it boasts. The BotVac not only has a lot of interesting features, it also cleans really well. Like, really, really well.

To illustrate just how could of a job Neato’s BotVac did I have to tell the story of the first day I used it. I knew I’d be getting the BotVac on a particular day (which happened to be a day I was cleaning up around the house, coincidentally) and I had purposefully left one room in the house un-vacuumed as a test area for the new robot. The rest of the house, however, I fully vacuumed using our regular vacuum which was only about a year old.

Here’s the funny thing: once BotVac arrived I was so taken with it I couldn’t just limit it to that one test room. I basically let it clean the entire house that night. And the kicker is, it got a TON of extra dirt, dust and pet hair that the other (relatively new and expensive) vacuum had ...

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