Wally Bifold wallet review: slim yet convenient


To be honest I really don’t like wallets. I hate the space they take up in my pockets. If I could, I’d make them disappear. Since I can’t do that I have been on a search for the best slim wallet I can find. This search recently led me to the Wally Bifold from Distil Union ($59.99).

In the recent past I have been using a card sleeve wallet that was very thin, yes, but somewhat inconvenient in that it simply couldn’t hold very much. The Wally Bifold is a wallet meant stay slim without being inconvenient and I have to say it does a really nice job.

The Wally Bifold opens like a traditional wallet (hence the bifold) and has a metal clip to hold your cash in the middle flanked by two card sleeves on either side.

I find that having two card sleeves is actually more convenient than the one I had been using prior to this because it allows for some organization. Before, when I simply had one sleeve to store everything in, I had my credit cards, driver’s license, health insurance cards—everything—stuffed in there. It was a mess and a pain and not really worth the slimming I achieved.

With the dual card sleeve design, Wally allows me to separate my payment options from my personal info and that’s very ...

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