Braven Mira review: a Bluetooth speaker that’s not afraid of water


Bluetooth speakers have proliferated to the point that it takes some pretty outstanding features above and beyond great sound and design to standout. One feature that got my attention recently was the water-resistant nature of the Braven Mira ($99), a Bluetooth speaker that can literally go where others dare not.

Music at the beach or in the shower

The idea of a speaker that doesn’t need to shy away from water is, for lack of a more profound word, awesome. There are many rugged speakers on the market, but I wonder how many of those that can take a beating are able to take a shower—and live to power on another day?

There are plenty of places you’d want to listen to music, an audio book or your favorite Internet radio station near water. The most obvious are while at the beach or the pool or in the shower.

From a technical standpoint, the Mira features an IPX5 water-resistent rating. In layman’s terms this means that water projected against the enclosure from a nozzle from any direction won’t have any harmful effects.

Personally, when I saw the Brava Mira I immediately thought, “I want that for the shower.” I mean, it’s the closest I’ll ever come to singing in the rain, let’s face it, and I might as well have a great soundtrack to drown ...

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