Revo SuperConnect: a WiFi speaker that screams taste (review)


I’m in love with a new speaker that plays music from so many sources it would be ridiculous if it wasn’t insanely awesome. It’s the Revo SuperConnect ($427) and it’s a WiFi-enabled, beautifully crafted speaker that is revolutionizing the way I connect with music.

Music Sources

The best sounding Internet-enabled speaker I had tested prior to the Revo SuperConnect was the Bose SoundTouch. While it sounded excellent, it’s Achilles heel was that it was really hard to connect sources other than Pandora or an iTunes library to the system. Frankly, I’m Pandora’d out and my main music library shifted some time ago from iTunes to Spotify.

And that’s exactly why I was so excited to discover the Revo SuperConnect. Not only can it sync up with Spotify directly without having to use a workaround like porting all phone audio to the speaker using AirPlay, but it plays audio from a number of sources that I’d normally never consider listening to (until now) because they had not been packaged well enough.

Let’s talk Spotify first. Revo is one of a dozen or so manufacturers that have created Spotify Connect-enabled speakers. I love Spotify and have been anxiously waiting for it to become more accessible outside of my phone and computer. There are times when I’d rather listen to the service on my best speakers, at home. ...

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