Boxer email app: like upgrading your email to first-class (review)


I‘ve been wanting to try Boxer ($4.99) for quite some time. It’s just a shame it took me this long to get it installed because I’ve really grown fond of it. It’s the email app that makes me feel like I’ve got everything under control.

First things first. Let’s talk design. There are many, many email apps for iPhone and oftentimes the only thing that separates one from another is a better or worse design.

In Boxer’s case, I’m inclined to label the design as “upgraded.” What I mean by that is that the inbox view sticks to a tried and true (in other words familiar) basic look but adds some extras to make the email experience a bit more enjoyable. You’ve got your email subject in bold with the sender’s name above and a preview of the email’s contents below (2 lines worth). To the right of each message lives the sent time as well as the thread count (how many messages have been sent back and forth). Like I said, that’s all pretty standard in most email programs.

But here’s where the upgrades come in. To the left of each message you get an icon which will either be an image (if the other party has uploaded one) or a capital letter in a colorful box—the letter being the correspondent’s first initial. ...

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