Obsessions #2: five fresh tech finds (via Craaave)


Obsessions is a series that asks the engineers and designers behind your favorite tech products to hand-pick their favorite new apps, gadgets, websites and tech accessories. Today’s obsessions are brought to you by Kam Bain, cofounder and CEO of Craaave, a service straight out of the Mission district of San Francisco trying to make it easier to share music.

About Craaave: Craaave was created to address the lengthy, messy process of sharing music with friends, especially those who aren’t in the streaming service-walled gardens. Whether you listen to music through streaming services, iTunes, or Soundcloud, Craaave makes it easy to share songs with anyone.

Kam’s obsessions

  • App: I’ve recently started using the podcasting app Castro on a daily basis. It’s so easy to use and downloads podcasts in the background so I always have quality podcasts waiting for my consumption even when I don’t have data/wifi available. It has a beautiful UI and UX as well.
  • Gadget: I recently acquired a BeoPlay A9 and have never been more impressed with a speaker. The sound is incredible and the wireless connection to devices is through internet, which is vastly superior to Bluetooth. The manual swipe of the speaker to adjust the volume has the same feel and quality of an Apple product.
  • Website: I’ve been really into Vice News recently. Their gonzo-style video coverage of

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