HISY iPhone camera remote: the best way to take selfies (review)


One of my favorite new gadgets is about the size of a quarter. It’s called the HISY ($25) and it’s a wireless (Bluetooth) iPhone camera shutter remote that makes snapping selfies and group photos you actually want to be in effortless.

Let’s face it. Taking a good selfie can be hard. Mirror pics, for instance, suck because they don’t capture just you—they also get your phone. The “reach out” is no good either because it’s always capturing your face from a weird angle since you have to use your arm as a tripod. You could always try to use a camera app with a built-in timer or “whistle to capture” function, but none of those options come even remotely close (get it?) to the superior results you can achieve using HISY.

I’ve been testing out HISY for a couple weeks now and it’s become a go-to accessory. I make sure it’s in my messenger bag at all times.

Using HISY couldn’t be easier. It literally has one button on it (in fact, the whole device basically is a little button) and you press it when you want to snap a pic or start recording a video.

HISY is fun to look and and hold. It’s got a cool design that comes in either a white or colorful plastic shell. There’s a red ring of light ...

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