Mod: a classy, adaptable organizer for executives and creatives (review)


Executives, designers, writers, photographers—anyone who does a lot of digital work—knows it’s hard to keep organized in a world full of cords, pens and styluses, notebooks (both the paper kind and the pixel kind), headphones, etc. As the founder of DailyTekk I’m all the jobs mentioned above rolled into one, so keeping my thoughts and tools organized is at the same time complicated and important—every day more so than the last, it seems.

I’ll just say it—I’m flat-out thrilled to have come across This Is Ground’s organizer—the Mod ($250-290—a stylish, hand-made (in LA) leather organizer that is so versatile in terms of adapting to the surrounding business environment you’ll literally never need another solution.

I’m going to go ahead and guess the Mod gets it’s name from it’s modular nature. There’s a basic leather shell that can be outfitted with various inserts best suited to particular job types.

The product can be customized for maximum productivity and usefulness for various professionals including executives (kind of a general mod), designers, travelers (an actual traveler mod and a charger mod), jewelers, illustrators, explorers, musicians, shooters (photographers) and writers.

Most mods have a pocket to hold an iPad Mini, making it an excellent carry/case option for iPad Mini fans.

The model I’ve been testing is the Executive Mod. It’s got a place to hold an iPhone, multiple spots ...

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