Galileo: a robotic device that lets you remote control your iPhone (review)


I’m a sucker for three things: robots, unique iPhone camera accessories and stuff that makes me say, “Whoa!” the first time I see it. The Bluetooth-enabled Galileo robotic motion controller ($149.95) for iPhone is all three.

The Galileo is a really, truly amazing and remarkable concept. Galileo holds your iPhone and lets you control where it points. The crazy part is, it can point in literally any direction: up, down, sideways… it can even grab pictures that capture a full 360 degrees.

There are many applications for this type of a device. Photographers will love the time lapse capability, real-estate agents will love the ability to show off entire rooms and business men and women on the road will appreciate the ability to see what’s going on back home.

And that may be the coolest function in my opinion: the ability to remote-control the device. For instance, I love how you can use an iPad to move the Galileo (and the iPhone it’s holding) around in any direction. It’s a little-bit mind-blowing.

There are a handful of apps that work with the Galileo and offer up various abilities and superpowers. The first step is to download the official Motrr app which will let you know what other apps work with Galileo.

My favorite apps so far include RevoLive Multicam which lets you live video from ...

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