Gtar: the best, and coolest, way to learn to play guitar (review)


The Gtar ($399) is one of those things I knew I had to have the moment I saw it. For those still in the dark, Gtar is a smart electric guitar that teaches people how to play, you guessed it, the guitar.

I’ve always been interested in music. For awhile I was in a band back in high school where I played the drums. It was fun, but I’ve always wondered what it would be like to play the guitar.

The thing was I never really had the time to learn as I have always had other things to do. For those of is who aren’t professional musicians, playing guitar is a nice hobby, or maybe more like a luxury.

But that’s where the Gtar comes in. The Gtar connects to your iPhone to supercharge the experience of learning to pick and strum. The neck of the guitar (yes, it’s a real guitar) has dozens of different colored lights to show you where to place your fingers for a given song. The iPhone lets you choose a song to learn/play and then simultaneously shows you what notes to play on it’s screen as well as on the Gtar itself (via the colored lights).

I saw another Gtar review the other day that said that trying to learn to play on the Gtar wasn’t all that ...

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