LandingZone Dock for MacBook Pro (with Retina Display) Review


The great thing about MacBook’s is that they are powerful and portable. But the downside to any notebook is that when you bring it home, it can be quite a task re-integrating it into your desk setup. If you frequently take your MacBook with you and find that it’s a hassle to get it set back up when you get home (especially if you’ve got an external display, speakers or just need some extra ports and functionality), a solution like the LandingZone Dock ($199.99) might end up saving you some time (along with your sanity).

In case it isn’t obvious at this point, the big deal about this dock is that you don’t have to unplug/plug-in all your cables every time you move your MacBook.

The LandingZone Dock is a plastic bar that fits underneath and around the sides of your MacBook. There’s a lever/handle in the back that looks a bit like an “O” on the end. The handle lets you open the dock (when pulled it basically pops both sides out. This is how you open the dock to dock or undock your MacBook.

There are a number of connection options. If you’re not using an Apple display and need to connect an HDMI monitor you can easily do so. You can also connect headphones, speakers, a DVD drive, a printer or your ...

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