Dark Energy Reservoir premium USB charger (review)


I’ve got a new favorite portable power source and it goes by the name of Dark Energy Reservoir ($129). It’s got the three s’s a portable USB charger needs to win me over: it’s small, sleek and simple to use.

Over the years I’ve used a number of portable power solutions. I have to since I’ve done a decent amount of traveling. And even if I hadn’t traveled all over the USA over the last year, I’d still have found myself at various coffee shops or just plain away from my desk needing some extra juice. Suffice it to say, I use a lot of power and have been looking for a great portable USB power device to keep me going when I’m away from home base.

There are so many portable USB power solutions out there it’s almost ridiculous. I’ve seen (and tested) plenty that are basically the epitome of ugliness. I’ve seen (and tested) too many that are just awkward to shape or store. I mean, some have such sharp corners they are sure to cause injury or poke through whatever poor bag or backpack unfortunate enough to have to store them.

What I’m driving at is that design matters in these devices. So in a product category that seems to have forgotten about design entirely, it’s not only refreshing but welcoming to ...

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