The Monocle speaker from Native Union is super unique (review)


When you think of the word unique in conjunction with the word headphone or speaker, what comes to mind? Maybe a slightly different color or shape? What about a whole new paradigm… something you would never even think to think of? That’s kind of how I view the Native Union’s Monocle speaker ($39.99-49.99).

What’s so unique about the Monocle is that it’s a single speaker headphone/speakerphone. In other words, you can hold it up to your ear to listen to audio more privately or crank the volume up to high and use it as a standalone speaker or speakerphone thanks to the included mic.

This was a gadget that I wanted to test because I was sucked in by the intrigue of it. Why would anyone want a half a pair of headphones? The answer, I found out, is that it’s all about versatility. Add to that the fact that it’s nice and small and you’ve got the added bonus of portability (which in turn increases the whole versatility thing). Oh ya, it’s got some unique social features. I’ll get to that in a sec.

I mean, there’s an obvious coolness about the speaker. It says, “I’m different. Deal with it.” When you use it, you’re making a statement. If you don’t want to be like everyone else (ie seen with white EarPods or Beats ...

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