20 incredible new ways to enjoy Instagram images


It’s been more than 2 years since I published a wildly popular article titled Instagram Insanity: 60+ ways to print, view and share Instagram photos. A lot has changed since then and it was about time for an update. There are many new companies and services that have sprung up to help you do cool things with Instagram: from showing your Instagram pics at an event to getting books of your Instagram photos delivered each month to an Instagram scavenger hunt. If you already #love Instagram, prepare to love it even more. Be sure to check out #5 below—it’a amazing.

  1. SquareFormat – Discover new Instagram photographers everyday.
  2. Shiner – Turns your Instagram pictures into beautiful, ready-to-hang art.
  3. MorningPics – Instagram memories delivered daily.
  4. Flow – The missing iPad app for Instagram.
  5. Pixeli.st – Have your Instagram photos turned into hand-painted art.
  6. Epigraph – A beautiful online baby album powered by Instagram.
  7. Skedadel – Discover, save and share your favorite places in the world through Instagram.
  8. Projecteo – The tiny Instagram projector.
  9. Cartegram – Instagram + real-world scavenger hunt.
  10. BOOKSTO.ME – Get a book of your Instagram photos every month or every 3 months.
  11. Pic A Moment – Discover public Instagram photos from any moment in time.
  12. Twenty20 – Sell your Instagram photos.
  13. HereFeed – See what’s happening near you now through Instagram.
  14. Worldcam

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