Is the HP Pavilion x360 2 in 1 notebook right for you?


As part of a sponsorship sourced through Social Chorus, I previously wrote about the HP Pavilion x360 2-in-1 convertible notebook. As of this morning, I still owed Social Chorus one more post on the subject. In my first article, I barely expressed an opinion. Instead I deferred to readers’ own abilities to make a judgement based on the facts. This time I won’t be taking into account the feelings of Social Chorus, HP or Intel. It’s not worth it for the $400 piece of junk they sent me “in exchange.” What you find below won’t be a “here’s who might be able to make this work for them” piece but rather my own experience with the device. This post is going to be pure opinion. So if you’re looking for an Intel 2-in-1 device of any kind, this review may be very helpful.

Let’s kick things off with a quote from Ron Coughlin, a senior vice president at HP. About the x360 he had this to say: “It’s the laptop that doesn’t make you miss your tablet and the tablet that doesn’t make you miss your laptop—all at a price that is similar to an entry-level notebook.”

I don’t think I could disagree MORE with what Mr. Coughlin is saying. Having used this sorry excuse for a laptop/tablet, I have to say it made me ...

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