Dribbbling: An Interview With Illustrator and Character Designer Rachel Alderson


I’ve become fascinated by Dribbble over the last couple years. If your live in any way intersects with the design/advertising/creativity worlds then there’s a good chance you know what Dribbble is. For those that don’t, it’s “show and tell for designers.”

But Dribbble is more than that. It’s a very exclusive community. Every designer who showcases their work on the site has been invited to do so—a person can’t “just join” and start uploading their work. There are strict standards which means the site is 1.) very hard to get onto as a designer (even talented designers sometimes wait years for an invite) and 2.) very high-quality work.

Dribbble is used to source creative work (hire talented designers) and to get exposure (find work). Average everyday people can also use the site for inspiration, to see what’s trending and stay current and to take a break from whatever else they’ve got going on that day.

But at it’s heart, Dribbble is a technology product… which means I am well within my rights to cover it here on DailyTekk. To delve deeper into what Dribbble is all about, I connected with an artist who has a presence on the site. Her name is Rachel Alderson and she was nice enough to answer a few interview questions for me. Enjoy!

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