3 Great Gaming Keyboards for Any Budget


Are you a computer gamer? I’m assuming so, since you landed here. But how good of a gamer are you? Are you the best? Maybe not, but you can have the best gaming equipment on the market.

There are, of course, all kinds of gaming accessories out there: from mice to keyboards toheadphones to, yes, energy drinks. But this article is going to focus on the best gaming mice.

Of course “the best” is going to be different depending on what you need. It’s going to depend on things like price range, features… even weight and looks.

Picking the right keyboard can make a big difference in the outcome of your game. And if you’re competitive at all, you want to make sure your gear measures up.

Here I mention 3 specific gaming keyboards you can check out, but if you’re looking for a lot more, be sure to visit my collection: Ultimate Gaming Keyboards.

Logitech G105

This is the perfect gaming keyboard for anyone on a tight budget. In fact, just because you’re on a tight budget, doesn’t mean you can’t keep the score tight (or even pull into the lead)… even if you are working with just the basics. Buy

Corsair Raptor

If you want to upgrade your experience a bit, just look for something similar to the Raptor from Corsair. ...

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